Why Employers Choose PRPs

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The easiest, most affordable way for businesses to offer retirement benefits. 

Icon's Portable Retirement Plan (PRP) removes the complexity, high cost, and federal filing requirements and delivers personalized saving and investing to your employees.

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We respect your privacy and we'll never sell your data.

The smart alternative to a 401k

No fiduciary burden

You’re not a fiduciary with Icon, so there’s no need to pay for costly fiduciary insurance.

Inclusive Eligibility

Whether full-time or part-time, everyone’s covered.

5 Minute Setup

It takes minutes to set up, no plan design required, no federal filing requirements.

Take the product tour

We make it easy for businesses to offer a retirement plan, whether you have a team of 5 or 5,000.

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We respect your privacy and we'll never sell your data.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Seamless Payroll Sync:

We're integrated with top payroll providers. This means we automatically sync employee data and automate deductions.

plus hundreds of others

Only 10% of employers offer a 401k plan. For everyone else, there's Icon.

The easiest, most 
affordable way for businesses to offer retirement benefits

See how Icon can help your business manage retirement benefits.

We make it easy for businesses to offer a retirement plan, whether you have a team of 5 or 5,000.

Icon’s PRPs are scalable and inclusive, serving startups and large enterprises alike. We offer a flat, predictable monthly fee based on your company size, ensuring you get exactly what you need without any surprises.
Our flat monthly pricing is all-encompassing, covering all operational costs. There is no per employee charge for employers, no hidden fees, and no transaction fees.. Employers pay one straightforward fee.
We harness the power of technology to streamline administrative processes, significantly reducing costs. Through automation, we minimize expenses and pass those savings directly to you.
Yes, Icon's platform is designed for compatibility. It connects seamlessly to your existing bank and payroll system, simplifying plan administration.
Yes, employees can make tax-deferred contributions to a traditional IRA or opt for a Roth IRA where qualified distributions may be tax-free.
Icon uses low-cost ETFs from BlackRock and Vanguard, two of the world’s most respected and well-known asset managers. Our portfolios are constructed using ETFs with average fund fees of 0.07%, which is significantly less than the industry average of 1.13%*. Icon receives no sales commissions or other fees associated with the selection of funds.

*2019, 401k Book of Averages

Portable Retirement Plans

PRPs provide valuable benefits for both employers and employees.

Icon’s PRPs deliver fully integrated portability through an innovative IRA-based plan.

Designed to Make a Difference

Employers win. 

We’ve removed the sponsorship burden that comes with 401k plans. This means less admin, reduced costs, and no fiduciary responsibilities.

Employees win. 

Icon is the fiduciary, so we act in the employee’s best interest. Unlike 401ks, our plans are portable, and travel with individuals when they change jobs.